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What deep tech companies need to do to raise big funds from investors: Maxime Mallet, Jolt Capital

👉What does it take to raise 50 millions and up from investors?

In this interview, Maxime Mallet, General Partner at Jolt Capital* explains how crucial it is for #deeptech companies to show a good positioning in a dynamic segment, a strong technology differentiation and solid #IP strategy to successfully raise larger funds from investors and to become global leaders in their sector.

He also points out that contrary to popular belief, investing in #hardware solutions is a good strategic move for #investors because the #ROI is as good as the investments in #software solutions.

*Jolt Capital SAS is a fully independent Private Equity firm authorized and regulated by AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) that specialises in #Technology, targeting investments into companies with revenues between €10m and €50m.


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