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Blueprint EIC ScalingUp

This blueprint is an enhanced version of the EIC ScalingUp programme that was conducted by  TechTour, EuroQuity Bpifrance, BCG,  Deepwave Ventures aiming at accelerating European deep tech companies in their scaling journey.

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Presentation of the blueprint

It has been designed leveraging the input of 40+ representatives of the ecosystem (innovation agencies, investors, accelerators…) and tested with many EIC ScalingUp companies. Dig into the EIC ScalingUp Blueprint!

Blueprint Report

This blueprint provides guidance on how to design a programme to support deep tech scale-ups in Europe. It encompasses two parallel workstreams: Enable and Amplify. To learn more about the two workstreams and how stakeholders can push European deep tech companies forward in the Blueprint detailed report.

Video Presentation of the EIC ScalingUp Blueprint by Arnaud LEGRIS

In this video, Arnaud Legris, partner at Deepwave Ventures explains the EIC Scaling Up blueprint’s aim which was to identify the key challenges European deep tech companies are facing and what could be the best acceleration program and support services to help them when entering their scaling phase.

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