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How can we use viruses for the greater good? Jacky Vonderscher, CEO of ENYO Pharma

🦠 How can we use viruses for the greater good?

Let’s find out with Jacky Vonderscher, CEO and co-founder of ENYO Pharma*. The French company used the ability of viruses to how to hijack intracellular pathway of host cells in order to create a drug discovery engine.

This innovative technique allows the ENYO Pharma team to target and find new #drugs and create more efficient treatments for diseases such #Hepatitis B.

In this interview, find out more about ENYO Pharma’s new franchise Vonafexor and Jacky’s Vonderscher’s advice to build a great team and successfully raise money when you are a scale-up.

ENYO Pharma is a clinical stage Biotech with a unique drug discovery platform inspired by viruses and is part of the EIC ScalingUp programme.


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