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How to integrate ESG in a successful investment strategy: François-Xavier Dedde, Omnes Capital

“Investors only care about getting their cash back”

Contrary to this claim, more and more investors are careful about making #investments with an impact.

👉In this video, François-Xavier Dedde, Investment Director at Omnes Capital* explains how his firm has been integrating #ESG charters since 2009 in its #investment strategy and is leading the way in investing in European #deeptech companies that are addressing and solving the major issues society is facing.

👉Find out also one of the most common mistakes deep tech #entrepreneurs often make , which qualities #founders must display when #pitching to #investors and what pan-European solutions could be implemented to help #European#startups raise more funds in their series B and C rounds.

*Omnes Capital is a leading European direct investor in private equity & infrastructure in the deep tech sector with €5 billion in assets under management.

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