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Can Europe Create Its Own Deep-Tech Giants?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

EIC ScalingUp is supporting more than 30 EIC Growth Club companies in their scaleup phase. As part of this effort, BCG and Deepwave Ventures interviewed them to understand their journey and their challenges ahead. They ran additional surveys and interviews with European deep tech companies and European investors to compare perspectives and enrich the research with their first-hand assessment.

Among the results of this research, they identified four European-specific challenges for deep tech young companies entering the scale-up phase

  • Securing financing, and in particular a lead investor

  • Building and leveraging a strong and productive board of directors with independent members

  • Developing a compelling business strategy and investment narrative

  • Navigating European institutional challenges

In addition, three broader challenges that are faced by many young firms are felt especially acutely by deep tech companies. These are the frequent difficulties of collaborating with large corporations, attracting the necessary business and technical talent, and partnering with others in the deep tech ecosystem.

The article has been published on and you can read the full paper here.

EIC ScalingUp consortium partners (Tech Tour, Bpifrance, BCG, Deepwave Ventures) aim at addressing these challenges, when possible, with the EIC Growth Club companies in the programme.

Europe has a huge deep tech potential, let’s unlock it!

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